Toys for girls and boys

Dolls houses

My boy has always been interested in dolls houses in other people’s houses, so we got him a simple, wooden one for Christmas one year: one just like this.
He wasn’t interested for very long (the main attraction seemed to have been opening doors and window shutters, which this one didn’t have), so we kept on the look out for other ones that he might like.

The doll’s house that’s most attractive to both boys and girls in our house, is this one: the Duplo Family House. It was an inspired buy from the grandparents. All kids love to build the house in different ways, or play with what’s been build and it’s quite good fun for adults to help them with it too. And, most importantly, it has doors that can open.

Most wooden doll’s houses seem pretty genderneutral, but even then, there can be little details that make it a bit too girly for some people to be comfortable giving it to a boy. I love this Everearth Doll’s House for instance, but for some reason, it comes with 2 little girl dolls, no boys.

Another option, is to buy a toy campervan or caravan. We have this one, and again, it’s very popular with all children that come to play. I’m amazed at the detail in the caravan, the pots and pans, a teeny bar of soap, soup ladles, it has the lot! These are very small pieces though, so it’s not really suitable for small children. Even at 3 and 5 years old, mine don’t make the most of all those little items, but even then there’s enough to keep them happily playing with the caravan and the car towing it.

This is the campervan the grandparents have, and again it’s a great success with both our children: setting up the table and chairs outside, etc.


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