Toys for girls and boys


For a long time, my boy wasn’t really interested in toy cars. Friends would bring their sons round, and that’s when the cars _would_ get played with: they would be lined up in rows, or other ways of playing that didn’t seem to have much to do with the fact that the toy had wheels.

When he was nearly two, his sister was born, and as a present from the baby (to help with the transition to Big Brother), we gave him this bus:

And he loved it! It’s still being played with, now he’s 5 and his sister (who’s 3 now) loves playing with it too.

He was also given a baby doll and a buggy, to push the doll around it. The doll wasn’t that interesting to him, but he (and practically every little boy that’s been here since) has taken a real shine to the buggy. I don’t like buggies myself, so I don’t know what it is, but little girls and little boys really do love a toy buggy! Unfortunately, they are all marketed at girls, and therefore pink. My sister went to many, many shops to find one that was blue-ish in colour, but she couldn’t even find a green, yellow, or red one! I really don’t get this obsession with all the pink. Even online it’s very hard to find one that isn’t pink, but I found one! Here it is:

For us, this little foldaway one worked brilliantly, as they like to take it out and about, sometimes for hours, sometimes for 10 minutes or less…. this type of buggy folds up small and can be put in a bag easily to be carried home by any adult.

Here’s another pram that is very popular with both our two: they have one of these at my mum’s house.

Back to the wheels on toys though: for adults the fascination is not very clear,  but all children seem to love the bin men and their bin lorry, in real life and in toy versions. We have this one, and many girls that come to play make a beeline for it:

And yes, it has got a man and a woman working on the lorry! I love the idea of Wow! toys, as they don’t need batteries.

We have another bin lorry, which I can’t find online anymore, but it’s similar to this one. It wasn’t really aimed at children quite as young as mine were, but they loved it from day 1. The mechanism properly works, and it fascinates toddlers no end, tipping the bins out into the lorry. I can’t see any harm in them playing with it (note: I haven’t seen this one in real life, so can’t guarantee it’s toddler-safe, but it looks good for preschoolers/5+)


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