Toys for girls and boys


This blog describes good genderneutral toys that I come across.

I want to give others, family members, friends and myself a place where we can quickly find present or play ideas.

There are links to toys that my kids both play with, or that I’ve seen both boys and girls play with at playgroups, toys or books that would be good options for a birthday or Christmas present, but I also hope to include observations, research, into gender differences. The main thing is that I will try to keep this a positive blog: it’s very easy to get angry about the stereotyping, for both girls and boys, but I’m hopeful that I will find enough positive examples!

Just so you know: our toybox isn’t genderfree by any means (while I’m sitting here typing this, Disney Princess stickers are being stuck on me by my 3-year-old daughter), but I feel strongely that we have lost the  balance somewhere with the amount of genderspecific clothes, shoes, lunchboxes, cutlery that are available in the shops. It’s got out of hand, it’s too polarised, and it’s not compatible with what I see in my house, how my children play with their toys and their friends.  So this is an attempt to have a bit less of the gender stereotyping from such a young age, and to introduce a bit more genderfree play. Mix things up to let children become well-rounded people who can find out for themselves what they like and who they are.


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